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Looking for 1GB USB HD



I think the best thing would be just to buy a usb drive enclosure, and then a 1gb hdd second hand. Might be better to get a little faster and bigger hdd though.


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if 1gb is all you're after, there are a couple different usb memory drives that are offered in that size. they won't be very cheap, though. i'll see if i can find a couple.

the bad thing about jumpy's idea is that you would have a large, heavier thing to transport, as well as a power adapter to plug in. if you find a memory drive, it will be the size of a large key, way more durable, and won't need any extra equipment. but, again, more expensive.

depends which way you wanna go.


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like i said, if it's a money issue, then finding an older external usb harddrive for under $100 would be the way to go. those 1gb usb keys go for $300+, last i checked.


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if you just want it to store images from your digital camera, just get a camera that uses removable flash memory. for instance, my olympus d-230 uses smartmedia cards. their about $30 a pop at 128mb each. other types of flash media come as big as 512mb or more. get a camera that uses the type you want.


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You could always get an Iomega Jaz drive, with the old ones holding 1 GB and the new ones holding 2 GB. They were designed to be as fast as a hard drive.


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