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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DAZZ, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. DAZZ

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    im not sure if one exists, but i need some type of text editor which can check through a big text file and delete stuff u dont need, for expample

    "[somthing 0029382323] 273727323

    [somthing3 283727534] 993843878234'

    if i have lots of text lie that, repeting over and over again, but different,

    is there some app that could only erase the text in the [ ] brackets, and replace it with somthing else???

    THANKS, if u dont understand, just tell me what u dont understand and i will try to make it clearer :D
  2. AmarSingh

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    after a quick search for"find and replace text editor" on google i came up with this shareware program. im sure you can find many more that do the same thing.
  3. DAZZ

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    thanks, ill have a look
  4. sboulema

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    doesn't word has a replace function?
  5. DAZZ

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    yeah, dont work how i want it too

    what i want it a text program which i could maybe use the * thing so i can search for [*] and replace with nothing

    so anything in the [] brackets will be erased including the brackets...

    i cant do it manuall cause theres hundreds of them :D
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  7. TheBlueRaja

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    Try textpad - its an awesome text editor.


    I use it constantly.
  8. AmarSingh

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    what u need is emacs....too bad your not using unix......although i think that there is a windows version available. its a little hard to use until u get used to it though.