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longhorn to be the next ME?



it seems to me that microsoft are in danger of repeating what they did with windows before - ie. getting a reasonably decent os working, (here, XP), and then bloating it with "features" which simply cause more instability and rediculous system demands. 98SE was a reasonably rounded os, but they kept adding stuff and what did we end up with: ME - the worst version of windows ever released. it seems to me that longhorn is not going to add anything of value to xp. when xp came out, it was a positive advance because it had genuinely useful additions - it crashes less than 98/ME, it has a built in restore function, it boots quicker, etc etc. personally i dont want more of my desktop space taken up by a sidebar and large html designs in my explorer windows. i chose to revert to the non-sidebared my computer look with xp, because to be honest these "helpful" things simply waste my time, and confuse what i'm looking at. i'm interested to know what people's thoughts are on longhorn, whether it is gooing to actually be useful. well, something to talk about i guess...


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hmm, have to disagree. new options that allow users to do more, as long as they are togglable, are good additions. the next Windows will blow XP out of the water.


i just checked out the screenshots of "longhorn" and it looks very promising if microsoft makes it any where near or more stable then XP pro it will be an excellent upograde.from the screenshots i saw i like the new start menu design and from the looks of the screen resolution menu it should have tons of features.any word on when this new version of windows will come out?


Windowsblinds can make xp look alot different. I've seen two versions of longhorn screenshots and both look similar, but there's alot that's different. I'm voting that these are fakes


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just to add to this. BlackEyedAngel, about that large side bar, i believe that it's not ALWAYS there. if you're refferring to the screenshots that were posted, the one that shows both that sidebar AND has the start menu and stuff at the bottom of the screen, if you look in the system tray, there's a little button with a double down arrow which should minimize that bar.


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UofEEE, the only thing i see that's making me think they're fake is the fact that in the 6th screenshot it says in the about windows box "Windows XP Media Center Edition". could be fake, possibly couldn't. won't know till it comes out, now won't we?


The Sidebar in Explorer has been around since 98, and they STILL haven't put in a resize tool! I like the convenience of the links and the like, but it's too damn wide, especially when you're using explorer with a folder bar. Is it me or are they getting wider?
The time for new ideas has arrived. The Directory structure and Start Bar are getting old. I say bring on the new file system and side bar!


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i think Longhorn is going to be good.
It seems to me that Windows XP was microsofts new M.E. with the version only going from NT5.0 to NT5.1 to me XP is merely a newer and more optimised version of 2K, which i'd still be happily using if XP hadn't been released.
Like yoyo says Longhorn probably wont be out before 2004, so Microsoft are putting time and effort into it.

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