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Longhorn PDC does not install to SATA drive?



Well guys I've been really happy to get a Longhorn PDC Release but I am not very successful on installing it. I think the problems I have with the installation are due to my configuration.

I have an MSI 875P FIS2R Mainboard and 3 Maxtor SATA hard disks connected to the motherboard. Only IDE drives are the DVD Writer and DVD Drive. I also have a Floppy connected.
Windows XP and Windows XP SP1 can be installed to one of the hard drives by simply inserting the driver disk from MSI for the Promise Controller onboard after pressing F6 when the install starts. Well, I thought Longhorn will probably require the same procedure. So first I tried starting the setup from within Windows XP and after rebooting the Longhorn setup booted from the hard disk actually, but then after a while it said something like "failed to prepare install drive". So I tried to boot from CD and the Longhorn setup started... I pressed F6 and added the SATA WINXP driver from disk. When I continued setup and tried to choose the installation partition setup just stoped working. When I clicked the link to select the install drive nothing happened anymore. I was waiting exactly 2 hours, because I went watching a movie in the meantime in hope it just takes long, lol. Anyway, setup didn't continue.

Is anyone else here who had the same problem and was able to solve it? I would love to get my Longhorn working, but it has the same problems with SATA drives as the Linux Distros I tried it seems. Windows XP with disk installs fine tho. Heeeelp! :) Thanks in advance!


Overclocked Like A Mother
Longhorn Alpha build will not install into SATA. No support for it. SATA support will appear in the beta builds.



K, thanks for the information. Seems I have to install a PATA drive to get it to work :) If anyone else somehow managed installing it to an SATA drive let me know tho :p


Very much doubt if Longhorn is at fault.
Combination of Windows Op System/ Promise drivers and SATA do not work very well with Gigabyte board which supports it either.
Loads but very erratic booting.

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