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Longhorn conversion problem


The One and Only
i need help. I installed the one Windows XP Longhorn conversion theme onto my computer, and now whenever i change my theme, a stupid sidebar (and i'm not talking about the downloadable application that duplicates the sidebar) shows up. I got rid of it once, but i changed my theme and it came back. Does anyone know how to get rid of it for good? the screenshot shows the sidebar that i mean. i had the My Computer and Recycle Bin icons on the far right side of the screen, but when that dumb sidebar appears, they get pushed clear off the screen. I admit, the bar may come in handy for finding out how large a file on the desktop is, but it wastes almost 1/6 of the space on my desktop. please help if you can.

P.S. Right clicking doesn't work if that's an idea you may have had in mind. tried it already:eek:


Graphic Designer
ElementalDragon >> yes , should be nice to post a link for that Windows XP Longhorn conversion theme .. with themexp.org themes haven't been able to apply the siderbar ..
yep. it was. it's called the Longhorn Transformation Pack version 3.0. Pretty great little theme if ya ask me. Hope you like it as much as i do. also changes the logon screen to say the stuff for Longhorn, but ya have to read what it tells ya in the directions. i think before you click finish in the end, you have to wait like a minute while that screen is up or the screen won't install correctly. i just waited like 2-3 minutes just for the fun of it. it's a great theme no matter how it goes.



does anyone know how to change the slide show pics, i have located the folder and deleted the default pics then put in my own but no joy

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