Longhorn Build 5203 leaked screenshots

A preview:


The full set contains screenshots of the new installer as well as the desktop with IE7, WMP, a redesigned Control Panel and other bits.

Download: LH 5203 Screenshots (~15MB)

[Via Neowin]
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Funny how the person was at a linux website :p lol.

Also has enough programs/folders open for the normal user but that must just be showing different things?
From the guy's personal site:
I am very interested in computers, desktops and notebooks running a variety of operating systems. I use linux and windows daily. I have several screenshots of linux and longhorn here. As you will see, I like to capture what the OS looks like frequently.

I don't restrict myself to one OS or another, I use both linux and windows for different tasks. Both serve me very well.
You can enable transparency in XP/2000 already using small third-party apps. The glass effect isn't really just transparency though - if you notice what's behind the window borders, you'll see that it gets a nice, blurred effect, which isn't currently possible. :)


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NetRyder said:
You can enable transparency in XP/2000 already using small third-party apps. The glass effect isn't really just transparency though - if you notice what's behind the window borders, you'll see that it gets a nice, blurred effect, which isn't currently possible. :)
Yeah, I know all about the 3rd party window apps and widgets for XP and OSX as I dislike the way either of them look by default. =) Just my preference I guess.

Can't wait until the public beta becomes available. :)


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WOW, all I can say is WOW. And no, I don't mean World of Warcraft. :) Here are a few things I noticed that I felt I should comment on...

  • IE7-Hot that it FINALLY uses 256-bit encryption, and tabbed browsing. Me like!
  • I dig the graphics when a CD is in your drive, as well as the hard drive. The little bar to show how full it is is nifty. I would assume this is similar to the XP Themes service which can be shut off?
  • I don't really care for the fact that Longhorn suggests an upgrade. When the install options said Upgrade (Recommended), I cringe.
  • Control Panel and overall appearance of most else looks PHAT (pretty hot and tempting) :)
Now, to find myself a beta version :)


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Electronic Punk said:
Upgrading is always a feasible option it just means that many of the settigns in teh registry can be carried over.
Yeah, I know. I just don't agree with it, ever. Especially with such big proposed changes, you are MUCH better off backing up and doing a fresh-install.

I mean how messy were Win2k to XP upgrade installations? Ewww.....

Electronic Punk

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Yeah would never do it myself :)
If the betas come thick and fast I might do a few upgrades tho, really depends on the test rig I get set up.
Sazar said:
I want to know speed/functionality and how much mem it needs to get going :eek:
Based on what we found out at the blogger lunch during WinHEC:
System Requirements - Joe was pretty clear about the fact that Longhorn should be able to run sufficiently well on a ~1.0GHz machine with 256MB of RAM (although at least 512MB would be recommended).

Of course, a 1GHz machine with 256MB of RAM isn't going to run LH very well at all (think about XP on the same config), but the idea is that you don't need a super-computer to use it. I remember people making ridiculous claims about the system requirements, and some people still do, but any reasonably modern machine should be able to run it just fine. Personally, I'd say a 2.4 GHz+ machine w/ 1GB of RAM would be pretty smooth sailing. And as with any OS, the more RAM, the better...

UI/UX stuff will also scale appropriately depending on the GPU in the system. More information on that, along with a couple of slides are here: http://netryder.osnn.net/winhec2005/2005/04/avalon-and-aero-in-longhorn.php

As one would expect, some of this could change until RTM, but it's likely to remain at least somewhat close.

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It's system requirements is what in part, remains to be seen. The reqirements/it's performance on the early beta may or may not be indicative of what one will see on the finished product.

Two big things that enter into this:

- It's probably far from feature complete. When Microsoft adds more features, this can have a tendency to eat away at one's system resources...

- It's not optimized yet (as the focus on their developers can be fixing bugs, rather then tweaking their code to get the best performance, at this juncture). Also if they haven't compiled debug code out...

In any case, I had Windows XP from the days of beta 1. I might still have the beta 1 CD sitting somewhere, don't know. The number of changes just moving to beta 2 were large enough, as to make info I could have provided from beta 1 almost meaningless in describing the finished product, which is winXP that we get OOB today...

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