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Longhorn Beta 1 June 30 ?

According to Paul Thurrott and our very own NetRyder we our hearing that June 30th will be the release date of LH beta 1. ? My guess is that it will be more like a pre-beta (post alpha 5048 :( ) semi workable OS minus most of the bells and whistles, and an actual beta 1 workable version won't be out until July-Aug. The delays are typical and I can't see any integration of the TCP/IP Chimney component as its still being held up in the courts. And if not Chimney then what. Alacritech is saying MS stole their architecture for networking and can't display LH to the public at all. Isn't this an essential part of the OS for networking, and if an actual beta 1 was coming out in three weeks wouldn't they be showing up at beta.microsoft.com for testing. Just wondering what others think.

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Just don't blow your NDA :p
Have you got Longhorn on your beta.microsoft.com account mate?
Mine hasn't appeared yet :eek:


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I just applied for the beta program. It said is giving me a guest account. will this get a regular account with them ??
Let's rephrase that. Never try a beta operating system on a production machine. Even Microsoft strongly advises against it. On the other hand, if nobody tried beta builds, you'd end up with horrid, buggy RTM builds. :)

5048 was a decent build. I haven't heard of it killing anybody's system, and it was an alpha. Beta 1 should be quite stable.
I learned my lesson with 4051 and had to reinstall my OS. If you do install on your production PC you should install the beta OS on a seperate partitian, or better yet use a virtual PC program. I always backup my XP Pro before beta installs using Acronis True Image and keep those images on a seperate partitian drives different from your XP Pro and LH beta partitians. As NetRyder said, your best bet is to not install at all on your main production PC, too risky.
NR/EP can LH continue development with the Chimney TCP/IP architecture even with the lawsuits pending Alacritech is saying MS stole their architecture, so doesn't this stop any TCP/IP integration into LH, or is this only for public release product.
I really don't know what the implications of that lawsuit are, to be honest.
I do know that development is definitely still in progress. Beta 1 code-completion is expected towards the middle of this month, followed by a one-month internal testing/QA period, and a beta 1 rollout in mid-July. As always, things are subject to change, but that's what the current schedule looks like.

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