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My friend and I are looking into doing some point to point wireless networking. He lives almost 5 miles down the road from me (pretty much on the same side of the road) and with some tree cover. I was currious if there are any people around here on this forum.

My question is will a 25dBi antenna hooked to a Blittz Wireless Networking card pump out enough spunk to get the wireless all the way over to his house? If so what antenna gain should he get as well? I mean ... the least DBI to get the job done would be great but ... help me out here... give me some information about this lil venture ... before I spend the $$$ to get it done.


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5 miles with wireless? LMFAO.

You'd need to add a linear amplifier to boost the signal.

The water in the trees would kill the gigahertz range signal.

You'd fry your eyeballs and 'nads if you walked in front of the antenna.

Then if you got it working the FCC and/or FAA would come throw your ass in jail for emitting in the radar range.

Wireless is good for 20-60 feet. With a booster (linksys makes one) figure 200 feet.




(a company my buddy works for says its possible ... but w/e...) just an honest question ... and I get made to be a dumb ass of some type... thanks man...

I really wanted to get this **** working but figures you have no heart to point me to any sites which leads me to believe you know nothing. So enlighten me... I am in it for ****s and deals too... AAAAAAAIIIIIIIGHT


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At work we used to have a couple ~2 mile point to point wifi connections, though they proved too troublesome and we replaced them with point to point T1s and VPN tunnels.



i took the question to some pro's...

I checked out irc.freenode.net in #wireless and they speak of high inteligence... :D they did say that it is PHYSICALLY possible todo.

What type of equipment did you use? What was the terrain like? Anything will help me inquire on signal boosters, and whatever else would get us a sufficiant connection... :D


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No signal boosters. Boosting the signal over a specific level is illegal under FCC rules and you could possibly be prosecuted. However, using antenna gain to amplify a signal is ok, you just can't turn up the radio's actual transmitter power.

We used Enterasys RoamAbout kits and two Enterasys CSIES-AB-Y14 14dBi directional antenna. Hook up the kit and point those antennas at each other.

We shot the signal about two miles across an urban area over an expressway. The connection was a bit flaky, so it was replaced with leased lines (point to point T1s)




My plan was to use a LinkSys AP I was told those push 500 mW or something... sensitivity though of course is abit low with a 24dBi Antenna from HyperLinkTech.com .... $65 ... my friend said he'd just get the same one as me ... and we'd use those... We just want to get it working... IF it works... then praise the lord :)

But if it doesn't... Plan three maybe 900mhz :( (that **** is licsensed isn't it?)

I wanna do this cause I want a reason to shell out $500 a month to get the highest connection 10mbit up/down from my ISP :)


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The "2 mile link at work" was an industrial system and probably cost a couple thousand.

Home user products won't do 5 miles.

Your wasting your time.

As for the IRC crowd saying it's "technically possible". So is putting a man on the moon, but you don't want to pay for it out of your pocket.

The linear amp is the solution and it is illegal as pointed out above.


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Last time I checked, using a high gain antenna to transmit signals from comsumer wireless devices was illegal under FCC regulations. The article confirms that. The artical also confirms what I said about the trees. Note high humidity, fog and rain will also knock out the signal. High power lines will also sporadically break up the signal. The utlities transmit their own braodband data over them and the powerful EM fields will deflect or disperse your signal.

The reason it is illegal is because it can lead to loss of life and property damage. It can interfere with hospital equipment, emergency radio services, medical implants (like pacemakers) and a friend of mine's all time favorite, approach control RADAR at airports. (He got off lucky - no jail time, some community service, $5k fine and a 6 month suspension of his commercial radio liscence, which meant 6 months of no pay.)

Britain and the European union had even tougher emission rules that the US back in the 90's so I wouldn't try it there either.

Bad idea guys...

PS Notice the corrugated ridges in the signal injection can. They cause signal harmonics that are what got my buddy in trouble. Seams along the length of the can do the same thing.

PPS Just to nit pick a little. When he mounted the dish to the plumbing vent pipe on his roof he obstructed the vent. That is a plumbing code violation....

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