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logs on everything!!!



im looking for a programme that logs everything done on the computer. the less discrete it is the better - not too fusy.

Don’t know if those qualities are often found in logging software but I haven’t got a clue on where to start looking for one, any suggestions?

(maybe this should be in security? Sorry if so)
everything? What exactly? File Access, Internet Usage?

Everything is a whole lot of logging.

It sounds as if your looking for a form or spy software or key logger. If thats the case we provide help to you here.


thats the thing, i want it on my computer, so i know if any one physically came on to my computer and did any thing. or accsessed it thru the wireless netwrok that i have setup at home...

hense me not minding if it clearly has a icon in the task bar stating 'logging' or even a pop screen at start up.


winXP, winME and win2000

thinking about doing a clean zero format and having just winxp and win2000.

gonna have win2000 to do my secret stuff and dont want that to be online and XP for other uses. (i.e. games, what ever)
There are 3rd party apps like "ispynow" which log most activity. But it seems pointless to do if it is truly for your own system. If as you say your worried about your WLAN connection you should focus more on intrusion prevention rather than detection.


well i actually suspect users on my own network to be gaining accsess to my computer and viewing files. means to prevent or log and catch em red handed are both good.

just need some suggestions on what apps to use, am desperete to format my hard drive! lol

EDIT: ispy looks cool but 50 quid :s surely there are cheaper solutions available?
Microsoft's own Auditing would do that really well. You need to log users connecting to your system over the network and auditing does that. It can also log file and or directory access.

Perhaps you should not dismiss the built in auditing just because you don't want to use a MS solution ;)


the only thing i have against the built in audit is that theres likely to be a million and one ways to move past it un-detected? not that i dont trust microsoft :rolleyes:


ok, im getting norton anti-virus security 2003 tomorrow, will that do the job? </n00bish question>
Umm, yes and no. I would not say thats a big issue however.

The only thing with auditing is it takes a little bit of time to setup right (mainly for auditing file access) so you would need to do some reading about it before being able to use it in the best way possible.

It is good however are you can tweak other settings around it to make the logs more secure.


ahh thats another thing, theres prolly a stupid security flaw in there letting some prat on the net getting hold of the log files and veiwing everything i do on my computer. :(

id feel much safer with a 3rd part app.
Your dis-trust of MS shocks me. But OK ;)

As i said earlier "ispynow" or similar.

You will have to google a bit to find one thats good for you.

And as i said at the start, we do not discuss them here as we don't know if the use of these products is legitimate (I am NOT saying i think your up to no good, thats just the way it is)


ah - yeah, of course thats understandable.

...so lets move away from logging and on to prevention!

norton the best thing for that? what are some alternatives?

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