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29 Aug 2002

I keep getting logged out and it is getting a little annoying :mad: - do not think it is my browser or cookies either - anyone else with this problem?
I came home last night and was logged out. It didn't happen this morning.
I was on last night and was fine.. I conected today and was logged out.
I haven't had any issues recently, at least none related to the site :p
I'm using firefox - and there has been that update lately - mind you thought I was getting the issue across browsers and have never had an issue before - so now I am confused....
Ok this is a real issue now - I just logged in - brought up thread - and had to log in again to post! Also Ffox is crapping out with the memory leaking - so I am going to try other browsers and maybe even other machines - will post back results - again I ask if anyone else is/has experienced this kind of issue?

I am suspecting cookie handling - but would have expected more problems and elsewhere also?

So - who is handling my cookies - and can they stop doing it please!
i was logged out this morning. but not had any problems during the day.

try creating a new profile? (save bookmarks etc)
I was logged out, but one login and all is well again...
I get logged out. I login and click on the new threads link and it make me log in again. Weirdness.
I have noticed if you login on the main page then you get logged out of the forum and if you log into the forum then you are logged out of the main page.
I was logged out from here and SP sometime last night, logged in this morning and all is well here (haven't been back to SP yet)
Same thing is happening with me.
I was also logged out, did the ninja update to 3.6.1 several days ago, don't know if X has done any patching recently.
I was also logged out, did the ninja update to 3.6.1 several days ago, don't know if X has done any patching recently.
he did
X-Istence said:
Actually, this might have to do with the Suhosin PHP patch I applied. It is a security feature patch that does not allow remote inclusion of files (like http://blah.com/?content=http://some...*.com/somefile) where somefile is a PHP file that will then get included.

One of the changes is the cookie, it is automatically encrypted/decrypted and verified for a checksum previously in the system to make sure it has not been tampered with. This caused everyone to be logged out. I don't believe it should have had an effect on what is rolled up and what is not rolled up, since I have rolled mine up and it is no problem, I also have two forum categories that I have rolled up, and those are still fine as well.
So we all got logged out once, and now we're all logged on again.

Crisis averted.

The end!
no - I am logged out regularly - sometimes within minutes of a post - or as I hit the reply button.... I'm sure it is me and I am sure I am not alone - but it is an ongoing issue - I would never have posted if it was once only

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