Logon scripts

I just joined my college’s domain so that "domain\domain users" have permission to log into my computer using their username and password provided to them by the University.

I want to create a login scrip or something, that could set the user's home directory to their Networked drive (\\server\username$). This would mean that they could have the same “Favorites” and “My Documents” as they would have on any campus computer. How do I do this?

How do you set login scripts to run only when someone in the “users” group signs in? I figured out how to get a script runs when a particular user logs in but I don’t want to do that for everyone.

Do I even need logon scripts for change the home directory of an entire group?

Any hints to get me going in the right direction would be great.



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All those features you are talking about, like home directories are features of Windows 2000 Active Directory and require a NOS (network operating system) like Windows 2000 Server or NT Server. Windows XP is a workstation OS and does not work in that way, with "home directories" and remote login scripts like a Active Directory (aka Domain) server does for remotely connecting users.