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5 Feb 2004
Anyone know of a way to define a logoff script using a logon script? Right now I am using a script that automatically starts the logoff process when it’s done. I would prefer the logoff button to cause the logoff script to run.

Group policy isn't an option unless it can be configured via the logon script.

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sorry I dont know the answer, but I am wondering if you could explain the script your using, like what it does and where I can get it??? Thanks
It does alot. Basically the school I go to has every machine reimaging every single night and I wanted my settings to stay intact when I go from machine to machine. So when I log into the domain I automatically get a student drive. I basically set up a folder on this network drive to store all of my configuration and registry files.

So basically, the script maps network drives, copies files from my network drive to the harddrive, inserts registry values, changes my wall paper and deletes a couple files that adobe places on my share, renames the shares etc.

I have a logoff script that is reverses a couple settings I don't want left behind for security purposes.

I try to code good but sometimes I get lazy so let me know if something doesn't make sense. This script won't work with out significant changes (paths and stuff).



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