Logitech's answer to Razer Copperhead

eeh..... i'd rather stick to my MX1000 thank u very much. i mean yeah..... wow..... 2000dpi.... WHOOPIE!!!!11!1 higher dpi that you'd probably barely notice at the cost of what..... like 3-4 customizable buttons? i'd rather not. besides..... i think they look kinda crappy honestly.
They're arent the worlds greatest product shots heh :)

I'll see if logitech have better shots...
Hey, I izz happy with my Trackman Wheel® (Marble). Three button, scroll wheel middle button. It does all I need to have a mouse do. And it's kick ass in games, I can look everywhere and fire at once. And with the keyboard arrow keys for movin front/back and left/rght, a great combination. And it sits rite where I leave it. Don't have to move it or nothing. Except for the occasional cleaning. Ooooo, that reminds me, it's time for it's cleaning. :D


It works for me. :D
Gonna get me an upgrade probably in a bit.

Am still very fond of my mx1000, no need for me to upgrade at the moment.
she thinks my mouse's sexy
it really turns her on
she's always starin' at me
while i'm browsin along
she likes the way it's clickin' while we're fillin' up the drive
she's even kinda crazy 'bout my geek's tan
she's the only one who really understands what gets me
she thinks my mouse's sexy
LOL......no back or forward buttons? Are they kidding? Right....because no one plays games AND surfs the web.

Junk. I'll keep my MX1000.
762x51 said:
LOL......no back or forward buttons? Are they kidding? Right....because no one plays games AND surfs the web.

Junk. I'll keep my MX1000.

If you look on the left of the mouse, the little 3 button allignment on the mx1000 also appears to be present on this mouse. At least in the pictures.
Does not appear that way from this photo. Looks like one button. Could be a rocker type button for forward and back I guess, but I doubt it.

Hadn't seen that angle before.

Yah, seems like they did away with the back/forward. Makes so sense if they did :confused:
Ha, ya know what, I never even noticed the back/forward on my MX1000, thanks ! :laugh:
I'm so used to the forward/back buttons that when I use a normal mouse I still try to use them :crosseyed:
Forward and back are just necessary now in my opinion. After using them for so long, I just couldn't go without them.
To be honest I'm of a mind to either get the Razer Copperhead or just get another mx1000 since my one at work lost its click when pressing the wheel.
I really want to get this Razer copperhead. I have a logitech mx510 but the copperhead looks really nice. $80 though.
-32KB Onboard Memory for storing profiles
-2000 dpi
-1st mouse to utilize Full Speed (12Mbps) USB
-dummy buttons incase you dont like those side buttons

Comes in blue, red, and green. These are the only pics I found.
My old razor boomslang 2100 had back/front buttons. My old logitech mouse had just a back button. Useful, but redundant coz the front button REALLY helps.

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