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Logitech X - 530

I just got 5.1 Logitech X-530 speakers, for some reason only the front left and right stero speakers work. I turn on DVD's with surround on it, Counter-Strike Source is on 5.1 speaker audio, for some reason it won't work. When i click things i hear the rear right and left glitch a little, thats about all i can get. Are there any drivers for these speakers, its really bothering me that only 2 speakers of the 5 work.


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No drivers for the speakers themselves, but you should ensure the direct sound is configured properly.

Do you hear the "rear right" and "rear left" clearly?
Nothing is comming out of the rear left and rear right or the center. My motherboard is 5.1 supported tho Also in my audio settings on my computer i see that it says that i have the 5.1 speakers on right now. i just don't know what the problem is.


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Does your onboard audio have a control panel?


To expand on that a bit, sometimes Audio Drivers will have diagnostics you can run to ensure everything is configured for a true 5.1 environment.
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I've seen them with Creative Hardware, but yours being onboard they more than likely aren't present.

Do you have the latest drivers? And you did verify you have all the wiring setup correctly?

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