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Logitech SetPoint 2.60 Bluetooth Update


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Logitech has released an update for SetPoint 2.60 Bluetooth.

Download: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/downloads/software/US/EN,CRID=1796,contentid=11020

Link posted is for Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Laser

The SetPoint 2.60 Bluetooth release is for users of the MX5000 and diNovo Laser desktops. Current users of these desktops that do not have a built-in Bluetooth radio and are using the Broadcom Bluetooth software provided with those desktops will be able to upgrade to version The Bluetooth receivers for both desktops will also be upgrade to the latest firmware version during the installation process.

Any user with a built-in Bluetooth radio may also update SetPoint with this release. However, the existing Bluetooth software will not be upgraded. If the system has WIDCOMM Bluetooth software or above, the Logitech Connection Wizard will guide you to connect the devices with the internal radio.

Note: The package size is over 90 MB, and it may take longer than previous releases to download.
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