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Logitech MX310 -vs- MS Intelli Optical

What would be a better choice for an upgrade? I have an unfunctional no brand optical mouse right now, and I really need to upgrade. My budget only allows either one of the mouse mentioned above. The price difference is negligible, so don't take the cost into consideration.

So, overall, which is the better one?

Note: I don't care which came out earlier, which is newer or has more *useless* buttons (although, useful button always welcome), or looks nicer. All I care about is the performance, the ergonomics, etc.. Plus, I surf the web, program, play games, watch movies, listen to songs... basically do alot of things on my computer so... I need an overall good mouse... :) thanx

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Some peeps experience might very, and I might have just had some bad luck with it. However, in my experience, I got a MS Intellimouse Optical and it started exhibiting problems (I think the left mouse button went) in 9 months. So I bought an Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 and about a year latter it went. So I called up Microsoft, they did send a replacement mouse, but the replacement went in about 6 months :(

After 3 in a row went bad in such a short period of time, I bought a Logitech MX 500 in my case. That was a couple years ago. From my experience, I'd recommend the Logitech (only because in my case, it lasted). Others might tell you otherwise though...
If you ask me, you can't go wrong with Logitech. Even their cheap-as-dirt budget optical mice are great. :)

But that's just my opinion.


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I have had both microsoft and logitech (currently using a 18 month old microsoft optical mouse) and haven't had any problems with either.


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I have the wireless MS optical and gotta say its been fine for about a yr. the only bad thing is it sucks AA's like theres no tomorrow.


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Well I had my M$ Intellimouse for about a year till both the side (for forward and back in webpages) died, it's battery consumption doubled, and it started to act erraticly. So being a bit of a gamer I went with the Logitech MX 510. (It is the wired version, which I kinda wish I had gotten the wireless as it is hard getting used to cord again). But I absolutly love this new mouse. 10000x better than my micro****ty mouse.


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I had a MS Optic mouse (don't remember what model), and the scroll wheel eventually died. After that, got a Logitech MX500, absolutely love it. I'd probably suggest not getting any MS hardware. they don't seem to do too great with the hardware side of computing. even their 802.11g stuff is crap. G4TV even said to stay away from their routers and stuff. so ya, i'd say the Logitech.
Thanx for your inputs and opinions. Alot of you mentioned the MX500/510, though, I don't have the budget for that. Now I feel like dishing out a bit more cash on those... :p

As for the MS Intelli optical, the A/S seems to be 5 years or something. That's pretty long, I'd say. Still, if the mouse breaks down that often, it doesn't matter how good of an A/S they have, it just gets downright annoying (even frustrating).

So, I guess a logitech will do. If there's anyone who has specifically used the MX310, please post your opinion. Thanx.

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