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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by electrickpirate, Mar 14, 2005.

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    i have a logictech mx310 mouse, USB, now, it works fine except the forward/back buttons. everything seems ok in device manager, and is propely identified and not listed as a generic mouse. so, it goes like this:
    system boot
    mouse works execpt forward/back buttons.(no matter whether i use windows of logitech to config. it. yes, tried the old and newest drivers/software)
    if i remove it from device manager then reinstall the buttons work. its like it doesn't remember the setting for those buttons, but it remembers the settings for the scroll wheel. this was the case on this install of XP and the last.

    the only thing i can think of that might effect it is i have a game pad that shows up as a keyboard and two mice(nostromo n52 game pad) which in all cases works just fine. can the fact the my computer sees the two mice for the game pad, the mx310 mouse, the touch pad, and 2 keyboards?

    its really annoying to have to remove it and then find it to work right.
    can anyone help?

    xp pro, sp2
    all logitech updates/drives

    one other thing, the mx310 shows up in device manager under 'human interface device' but my other mice show up under 'mice and other pointing devices'
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    Since USB is supposed to be 100% plu-n-play (right!) I would suggest removing the touch pad, do a reboot, and then reinstall the game pad, and then reboot again, to see if it will work that way.

    Sounds like you have done everything else... Make sure you dont disconnect without closing out the eq in the taskbar if it shows up there, I have had that lock my system up completely b4...