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Logitech i touch stops shutdown


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the new version 2.15 stops windows shutting down, i use the mouseware for the logitech mx700 as well.

its a problem with them both running together, logitech are a waste of space on this matter, all i get is some stupid ask lisa thing, if i ever meet the ijiot that made that........

XP Abuser

what so you got 2 pieces of software that do the same thing. im not sure what your saying as im not a logitech ****:)

oh **** yes i am:(


NTFS Stoner
ok i use the internet navigator keyboard (with cord) anf the MX700 mouse, they use 2 diffrent software packages to install. they both work fine and dandy with the version 2 of the keyboard software (off the cd) but the new 2.15 they released screw's it up, and this has support for WMP9 :(


Same problem here and I'll be damned if I know why....

Logitech is no help if you contact them, they say reinstall.

I have a Logitech Elite keyboard and a MX700

Its actually the iTouch software that does it whether you have mouseware installed or not I think.

Only solution I can think of is to either back up to older software, or grit your teeth until they come out with a new version. :(


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hmm it works fine for me although i have the mx700 mouse and the optical wireless comfort keyboard. though not sure my i touch and mousesoftware are the absolute latest versions

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