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30 Jan 2004
So I've been to logitech's site and to the 2 fan sites it links to but I still can't find what I want.

You know the little volume control and play/stop/next ect. buttons on the G15? Is there anyway to make them work in winamp? If not what programs do work with them? I'm asking cause it's a royal pain to minimize a game just to change mp3's, it would be much easier if this could be done right from the g15. Thanks in advance.
It works for me w/o any additional component add-ons for winamp.
It works for me w/o any additional component add-ons for winamp.

Not for me, it shows what I'm playing natively but it won't let me play/pause/skip etc. This new thing is causing problems too, even after closing the winamp app the process keeps running and its sucks up all my resources. I deleted it and will try to find something else.
Well I'm dumb ... It's built into winamp, you just have to enable it.

It works now .. thanks.
Thats probably why mine worked.

I haven't installed WA again since my last re-format. Too old to remember the small details lol.

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