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Login "Unread Messages"




I found this bit of info out about the Login Screen's Messages display.

Underneath each user's icon and name, it will sometimes say "(User) has 3 unread messages." or something like that.

Well I thought it would only display that for a hotmail passport account linked to that xp user account. But with a little bit of experimentation, (and sifting through the registry), I found that it is also used by Outlook Express accounts.

I was wondering if there was any way to have that work using Outlook (office xp), because I dont use Outlook Express...

any help would be appreciated, thanks


hi i bought a lil proggie that does this for like $5 its gr8 checks u mail and displays it on the login like it does with outlook express its realy cool and u should try it click here hope this helps as it did it for me..



thanks hook for the proggie, havent tried it yet but i'm sure it does the job great...

scsa20, i found the necessary registry entries in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\UnreadMail\

each email address that is checked shows up as a key with a few string values in it:


these values happened to come from, you guessed it, a hotmail account, but my theory is this should work if you replace www.hotmail.com with outlook.exe or msimn.exe (for oulook express)

it probably works, just havent tested it that many times

hope this helps, peace


Simonsoft Network
yeah, just a simple registry edit and your all good to go, no need of a program.

but in theory it should work, so I'll try it for you to see if it does or doesn't when I get the chance.


Simonsoft Network
ok, I think I know how to do it, but it's just a thory tell I actuly try it, click on the UnreadMail key then go to Edit>New>Key and for the new key name, put in your e-mail address

then in the key, add the following (the first thing is what you have to add (either a string or a dword), what to call it then what you have to put in it):

String -- Application -- OUTLOOK
Dword -- MessageCount -- 0
Binary -- TimeStamp -- 76 5A BB 7E AB 03 C2 01

remember, this is only a theory, don't know if it would work or not tell I actuly take the time to try it.

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