Login Scripts not working!!



Ok, well everything was working just fine until yesterday when some of my drive mappings started to not show up. I'm on a Win2000 Server network, and when I log into my computer the login scripts run, but for some of them I get an error message that states: System error 67 has occurred. The network name cannot be found. But then others run, even some that say they were successful don't show up. The only changes I've made to my system lately are: installing the update for Windows Messenger (4.6), installed the IE 6.0 patch, and the universal plug and play patch. Does anybody know what happened and what I have to do to fix it? Please help!
I would reinstall the registry patch into XP

as the updates may have changed something so it cant find win2K to run the Login script
Hey Max, that did it! Thanks a lot! Why did that make it work? What does clearing the paging file do that allows the login scripts to run?

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