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8 Apr 2005
I'm doing something wrong, and I think I'm at the point where I need a fresh set of eyes because I'm missing something and I'm sure it's something very stupid/easy/silly.

I'm trying to setup login scripts for a small network area, and something isn't quite right. Here is what I am doing from start to finish....

  1. Ensure NETLOGON folder is shared, with EVERYONE having Read permissions (no other restrictive permissions, just higher for proper admin groups)
  2. Create script for each user, place in that directory
  3. Within profile tab for the user in AD, under login script I put the name of the script, such as "user.bat"
  4. When the user logs into their machine, nothing runs.
What gives? Assistance mucho appreciated.
Logon scripts go in C:\WINDOWS\SYSVOL\sysvol\domain_name\scripts
Yeah, that is where NETLOGON points to. There is more amiss however, certain GPO settings aren't applying either. I'm in the process of fixing a few things which will hopefully fix my script issue too.

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