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Login Screen Mods?


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I've been wondering this for a while and I figured I'd finally post it (since I can't find anything like it on my own) On XP when you login there is some text below your name telling you how many programs you have open or how many emails you have. Are there any programs that allow you to show other information there? Such as if there are AOL\MSN\ICQ messages waiting for you or any other info you want, thats just my idea. There's alot of unused space on the login screens and it would be pretty nifty if I could display some stuff in there :)

I'm no programmer so I have no idea how to do it, or even if it's possible, but I figured I'd ask on here. Maybe there's a program out there that does this and I'm just as slow as usual :)

Thanks to everybody that took the time to read this



There is a program that tells u how many new emails u have. I think it's called mail moniter.


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Mine tells me how many emails I have if I haven't logged in yet, and if I just lock the computer it shows me the number of programs running
yeah, showing how many emails (the login screen calls them "messages") and running programs is displayed by default. However, I dont know of a program (or a mod) which would allow you to add anything extra to the login screen. I dont even see the login screen usually as it auto-logs in (only one user) so I;ve never had any need to research it further... sorry

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