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Fixed Login problem on OSNN


OSNN Advanced
I've logged into OSNN forum to see/post replies to open threads as you would normally do. However, if I then go to the main page (front page) to view news posts, it requires me to log in again to post a reply on the news article.

Does anyone experience the same problem as I do on this forum?


OSNN Advanced
cookies might not be being kept, check to see if osnn is blocked
Doesn't really make sense because if I come back to the forum section, it says I'm still logged in... This is happening on both FF and IE. Just wondering if it's got something to do with Spybot S&D. Not sure where I go from there though.. Don't know where to find the setting on spybot.

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change to advanced mode (mode -> advanced) and then under settings look for ignore cookies, tick the ones you want to keep

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