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27 Dec 2001
Logged Out in Firefox

I've had to log back in many times in the past few days when coming to the site. Right now, I can't even log in using Firefox, but I'm logged in using IE. When I try to log in through the front page, I submit my user/pass and I'm taken back to the front page again and I'm still logged out. I've cleared Firefox's cache and history but I still can't get in! :confused:

Edit: I just noticed something. The front page says I'm logged out and clicking on User CP takes me to the login page. But if I go through the Forum link then it says I'm logged in and I can get to the CP. I'm almost more confused now!
Try going into "tools"... then "options"... then "privacy" then "saved passwords"... then "view saved passwords".

Highlight OSNN.net and click "remove". Closed the window. Then click "OK" and close out yer browser.

Go to OSNN.net and sign in on the front page... now yer gonna have to type in yer user name and password all over again since ya deleted it.

Now see if it all works.
When I updated to vb 3.0.1 I had to change the licence key. This affected the cookie and could be a knock on effect.
Cookie Monster is being a baaaaad boyyyyyy... :p
Log in

Don't know if it has been said, or if ne1 else has noticed it.

I come here with out a cookie, empty cache after a cleanup. I roam around the threads, lets say I goto the lounge, see something interesting, then log in at the thread user name pw etc. I can then comment.

I then goto front page and see and read an article, I then try to post a comment it says I am forbiden to post in it (words to that affect). So I have to then login at front page to comment.

Is there a way of having just a one login anywhere around the site?
no, forums + frount page use a dofferent cookie i belive? , so you have you logon to both.
Hmm, well actually they should let you login to both wehn you login to either of them.
I will check it out.
Ok, I made some changes to the cookie domain on the forums to match the frontpage.

Cleared my cache, passwords, the lot.

visited osnn -> checked the cookie... only contains theme info.
logged onto the forums... look in -> checked the cookie... contains theme info and vb info.
checked the frontpage. I was logged in. Logged out via the forums. cookie only contains theme data.

Logged in via the frontpage, cookie now contains some vb data, checked forums - am logged in- cookie contains all data. Logged out via the frontpage.

cookie now only contains theme data.

So looks like that did it :)

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