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I have installed Windows XP Home Edition and during setup I created one user account and it has full administrative privileges(it's is in my name, and I am the only user of a non-networked machine). However I need to logon as Administrator to install a specific piece of software. I logout of my only account, then at the logon screen I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, then when the window pops up I type in Administrator under the user name, here is what I get:

Unable to login because of an account restriction

Does anybody know how to login as Administrator?


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jus restart ur machine + press f8 @ first screen u will then get the option 2 start your machine in safe mode. when it boots up in safe mode and loads the login screen u will get the chance 2 log in as administrator + as urself.jus click administrator 2 log in + there u go!


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Using XP Home the only way to access Administrator is through safe mode. Press F8 right before Windows starts loading and select Safe Mode. That is the only way to access Administartor on Home Edition



thanks for your help, that helped me logon but unfortuantley it didn't fix my problem...


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their help, I was able to logon as Admin, however it didn't help fix my problem...


I was thinking if you are the only user, you are the administrator, thats the way it is on XP Pro?


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just wondering but can you not in XP Home use the TwaekUI and put the administator on the welcome screen. I have done this in Pro, but surely the same should apply to Home Edition as well.

What is your problem?


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I don't think you can gtgarside. I've heard a few asking about that and I think the answer was no, but I could be wrong...it wouldn't be the 1st time :p


not to change the subject, and thanks again for all your help, but I was installing a small program called CPUIce, it's an offshoot of CPUCooL, and it works miracles on my machine, cools it down 20 degrees centigrade. Anyway I have the program up and running, but every time it starts a small window pops up asking me to loggin once as Administrator, thought maybe it needed to see the Admin acconut for some reason.

I still use it, I just don't have it start when Windows starts, I just strart it manually later.

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