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Login and Logoff sounds for XP

This doesn't quite fit into VISUALS but it came across my mind during setting up a theme for myself so here goes.

Where do i find them... like a site with collections of them? I want high quality sounds like the original theme for xp... not low quality that sqeaks...

And i'm particularly looking for a japanese, samurai, kinda sound. u might guess it, i'm using ChaNinja for my theme... yeah, so... thx~! :)

[EDIT] there's the front part of the song by Linkin Park "Nobdy's listening"... i wonder if i can cut that part off for the login... what programs edit songs like that?


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Wow.. I just checked it out... Hmmm, There is a program around somewhere that will pretty much remove the words out of mp3's I think it's soundforge or something like that.. Then you can use mp3trim to cut it down to the length you want, then convert to wav with mp32wav and TADA!!! Windows sound file!! Just google the soundeforge and mp3trim and mp32wav.. Shouldn't be hard to find.. :) Cheers.. Hope it works out for you...


The Analog Kid
Soundforge is not free. Try looking of at sourceforge for Audacity. It's a free wav editor.

Nothing can really remove vocals from music. How some programs 'try' to accomplish this is by mixing the left and right channels and removing everything that is the same between channels. This is fine if everything is hard panned, but you're probably gonna lose alot of stuff like bass, drums, guitar solo, etc.

Try to stick with original wav's. Transcoding between formats will only reduce quality.

For editing mp3's directly, try mp3DirectCut.

Also, most windows sound files are 22.05 kHz sampling rate as opposed to cd's 44.1 kHz.

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