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I seem to remember, back in the day, there was a way to do this: When you start your computer, you know how most people have it start the logon screen, and some have it to have the box for username come up? I was wondering, if from the logon screen, there was a hotkey to open that little logon box. The point is to have the normal Logon screen for my one acct, then be able to switch into the admin using the logon box. Anyone know of one?


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Hm its not working with my custom login screen... maybe thats why i couldnt find it. Ill check the options on the actual editor and see. Thanks man!


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Hm no neither will work, even if i take off my custom one and take out the program that applies it. Ok lets try a different route. Any way to do it like this?

Run... CMD someswitchuserfunction admin password ?
Any way to do it in he cmd prompt?
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By the way, if you want to login to THE administrator account you can't in Home. The admin account is only accessible in Safe Mode, there may be a way for change that but I don't know of any.


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Eeww. Ok lets try something else then. Hidden account, not shown on welcome screen but its there. How toget one, how to manage it, and how to get onto it. Any ideas?


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"With or without loginstudio"?

Whatever "loginstudio" is it is obviously screwing up the functionality of the "Welcome Screen". I would ditch it.

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