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Enigma X

Does anyone know how to log keyboard strokes so I know

exactly what buttons were pressed while I was away from my

computer. I reckon this is possible through "administrative tools."

- Thanks
Nope, you would need to go get a keyboard logging program, there is no native keyboard logging as far as I know...if you are worried about your comp while you are away why not just hit window key + L to lock it while your gone?

if you want a keyboard logger try download.com, they have a few of varying degrees
tried one called pc weasel the other day.... not too bad and takes a screen shot every 5 (or what ever you set it to) mins aswell as logging every key stroke... unfortuently set it to stealth and it disapeared!! lol couldnt find it for ages but its a nice tool apart from the anoying nag screen to register it. Works fine under XP aswell... :)

here is a link to anther thread on this subject


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