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Locking Windows XP Desktop Icons In Place


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OK, this probably is something I'm over-complicating, but...

I have a machine with a considerable amount of desktop icons. It is a desktop with a 19" LCD. If you access it from a machine through RDP with a different resolution, understandably so - the icons get a bit jumbled. When you go back to the machine, they are out of whack.

I don't really use desktop icons, so never came across this. I found a few possibilities -

This one seems OK, but I'm wondering how it will work if I make changes or add new icons. I would like to be flexible to be able to do that.

There are a few applications out there, but I'd prefer not to load software to do it.

This seems OK, (search for layout to jump to the section), but seems weird. I copy a file, add a .reg and right-click on the Recycle bin to save/update?

Basically I want the icons to stay put - there has to be an easier/better way?


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I was thinking Align to Grid, but not sure if that retains screen positioning when screen resolution fluctuates.

I'll give that a try though and see, thanks.


No dice - I almost wonder if there are too many icons if this isn't really possible. When the resolution dips below normalcy, some don't even fit on the screen too well.


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Locking icons in place as in so they won't move at all, or they just adhere to the aligned coordinates?


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Well it would be nice to have the option to move them if so desired - but I'm confident it's just user error. I have explained that they need to align their expectations to the resolution differences between their laptop and desktop. As a result, they are doing things differently and now is no longer an issue.

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