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locked files



Have a bit of a problem with some locked files. I was having trouble with my home network connection, so my husband tried to repair the installation. Unfortunately, he accidently reinstalled a new copy of XP on the same drive. My files on the old system had been marked private, so that my grandsons couldn't mess them up. I saved all my data in a MY DOCUMENTS folder named Grandma.
After he got the computer running, we discovered that there was no way I could access my original folder. We tried restoring the original operating system, but that didn't work either. The properties tab for the original say that the file has 0 bytes.
Is there any way to recover my data? Or, woe is me, are they gone forever?


It is possible, yes.
The degree of difficulty however, I'm not sure of....

when you say "marked private" do you mean they had permissions set on them, or do you mean they were encrypted?

If they are just permissions, you should be able to login as Administrator and give yourself access to them again.



I realise this is an old thread, but hopefully I can shed some light here if you're still having some issues.

First of all, what's happened is the security in NTFS is blocking you access from your files because you dont actually own them, the previous OS did.

To start with, you need to be logged in under an account with administrator priveliges.

First of all, you need to enable configuration of the NTFS permissions, by COntrol Panel > Folder Options > Advanced > Use Simple File SHaring (untick it).

Then, find all the old files that you can't access (or the folder, if you can't even open the folder), right-click it and go to Properties, then to Security.

From here, ADD a username, and then type in whatever your username is that you want to access it under. THen click Add

GO down and put a tick in ALL the boxes, then click apply.

Thats it!

You may need to do it for all the files at once, then all the folders at once, but you will get there!

Hope this helps.

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