Lock ups in Half Life



I have tried everything that I could throw at this game. There are differing opinions on what version of drivers to run. I have an Asus V8200 Deluxe Ti 200 Geforce3 and have tried the drivers that came with the card (21.83), the 25.50, and the newest detonator drivers. I have checked my bios and there is not a way to change the AGP port to 2X only. I can choose AGP or PCI. I have the fix for the refresh rate and that works great, but I started having problems with the game locking up in between maps. I am ready to kill my computer. Are there any other suggestions that you know of? What are my chances of playing without any problems? During the game, it is running great. I have heard that there are compatability issues with the Geforce3 cards and the P4 mother boards. Is there a problem with the PIII motherboards as weLL?

Thanks for any help.
Try this....

Half life used to freeze for me, especially when I quit. I set compatibility mode to Windows 98 on ever *.exe I could find and is hasn't frozen since...

Worth a try....
I had wondered.

I thought it might be just a fluke, but I never locked up in Return to Castle Wolfenstein after I set compat mode to Windows 98. I will try this as well. I just installed the new 27.10 drivers. I want to give them a whirl also, before I try anything. Thanks for the help guys. This is the best site for XP. I do appreciate everyones responses from all my posts.

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