Lock up accessing network groups.



I think I am about at the end of my rope here. I am close to being burn out.

I will eventually have four computers hooked up to a 4-port Linksys router. I have configured them all but one machine continues to lock up when trying to access drives on another machine. The funny thing is that the computers are right beside one another.

I have ran the wizard, set the ips, set the mac, etc... I have double checked the settings, upgraded the router firmware, etc... Still, no luck. Anybody have any ideas?

Here are the specs on what are connected right now:

Machine #1 (Problem Machine)
GW Performance 500
384 meg ram
13 gig hd
RealTek NIC card

Machine #2
Barebones 900mhz Celeron Processor on Gigabyte mobo
DVD Drive
256 meg ram
10 gig hd
80 gig hd
3Com (older 10 card instead of 10/100 - will rectify this hopefully tomorrow)
ATI All in Wonder Pro 128

Machine #3
GW 700C
256 meg ram
13 gig hd
DVD Drive
Netgear 312 card
ATI All In Wonder PCI TV/Video card

Adding soon (#4)
Compaq Presario 5440
192 meg ram
6.4 gig hd
*Netgear 312 nic card (See Note on this)

Machines 1, 2, and 3 are all running WinXP Pro. The #4 will have to run ME until a mobo/processor I ordered gets replaced via a RMA then it will be replaced with a mini tower barebones and then will run XP Pro as well.

Would the NIC card in #2 cause any problem of them talking to one another? I can get on the internet but getting into the files from either machine is a nightmare. When I first installed the OS on machine #2, I named it Mom2 but then later went back and called it Bear (because of the problems I had getting the darn machine together). I also changed it because my GW machine is called Mom on the network and I kept getting the two confused.

The NIC card in Bear is the older 3C900B. It only operates at the 10 whatever per second. It is a bit slow on the net when compared to the other two machines but it works until the stores open back up, at least I think it does. May be the problem I am having but am not sure.

I put the Netgear card from machine #4 into Bear (#2) but all I could get is an error saying it was unplugged even though it wasn't. I changed cables, reset configurations, and still had the same error. Could this card just be toast? It is under a year old so I will be calling Netgear. At least then I will have a spare card should anything else happen or we add another computer. (My husband wants one of his own now since he can't play on mine because I work from home).

Again, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. It seems that the major problem is from the GW machine as it is the one that won't read the Bear. It locks up, stops responding under network places and instead of closing itself out, I have to do an end task and then it won't go back to the Windows program. I have to do a hard reboot each and every time. I have also found that one machine has occasionally said it couldn't find the path to one of the other computers when I know they have been set and are correct.

Forgive this being so long. I hope I haven't confused anyone hoping to help. It has been a long day, long week, and long two months. I have had at least 2 to 3 computers in my house, other than my own, for the last two months for repairs. I just want my own shit to work right for a change. It was all running great until the router went out and had to be replaced (RMA request, showed up with the replacement Christmas Eve! Only been waiting about three weeks).

i know how frustrating things like this are

download some network diagnostics software

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NetScanTools 4

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I finally got it fixed by reinstalling the OS. I don't know if that fixed it or what I was doing in the setup. It started again today and I think I know what was causing it.

I called the cable isp company and told the fellow that the internet cable modem lights kept going off and I had already reset it, changed plug outlets, and everything else I could think of. He had me push the standby button and it came back on but the top two lights are out. He said the led lights were probably bad. Once that was done, it worked okay.

To add insult to injury, I installed a NIC card I bought to the computer #4 (Compaq), it didn't work. I checked everything only to find that the cabling is bad. (Here we go again). Hubby is bringing on some jack boxes so I can just crimp them in the toolless crimp boxes and use standard cat 5 patch. With the exception of the darn Compaq only recognizing 2 gig of a 6.4 gig hard drive, I guess I am doing okay. :confused:

I will keep up with the diag tools you posted in case I need them in the future. Will certainly make it easier the next time around.


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