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Lock the time clock in Window 98???



Hi all:

Sorry for the non-XP question. I know their are some really smart people on this board so I was hoping that you could help me out.

Here’s the problem. At my office we use a program called ‘Time Clock for Windows’ to keep track of our employee’s time and payroll information.

Well a one smart employee has discovered that all she needs to do is change the ‘time’ in windows and BAM she can manipulate her time card!

Is there a way to lock the time in windows 98?

Our office application requires us to use ONLY windows 98se on our work stations and NT4.0 server on our server.

Thanks in advance.

Not sure how to lock the time...but if you call the employee in and fire them the rest might get the hint :)

lemme pop onto my 98 box and see if I can find out how...you could run a network script to make sure the time clock is always synced via the servers net time


You could use this registry hack to remove the system tray (including the clock)

Value Name: NoTrayContextMenu
Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value)
Value Data: (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled)

Then delete the timedate.cpl reference in the registry so the user cannot click on it from Control Panel.

Delete the Module Value

Then take Qumahlin's advice. Create a logon script on your server with the following command.

net time \\[servername] /set /yes

Save the logon script in systemroot\system32\repl\import\scripts as logon.bat. Configure the users profile in User Manager for Domains to run the logon script.


Thanks for the quick replies!

Could you explain the 'log scrip' a little more for me please.
I'm a doctor by trade so I'm still a newbe at a lot of things, and this log script is one.

The main time clock .exe does live on the server, and all time clocks are mapped to this .exe on the server. Can't figure out why you can manage to manipulate the clock so easily from each work station?

Thanks again.


PS: We know the employee who is doing this but we need to catch her red handed? Any ideas on this?


Uh, don't know that net time commands work in 98...but what you can do is use system policies for users to lock that out. There's a slew of info in MS' knowledgebase. Just search for "policy editor" or "policy" for windows 98. Just removing the system tray isn't a very graceful solution...


There is no policy availabe for time in NT 4.0 in system policy editor.


Open notepad on your server and type the following:

net time \\servername /set /yes

note: replace "servername" with actual computername of your server.
Save the file as "logon.bat" Make sure you use the quotes and save in the location describe previously.
Open User Manager for domains.
Double click the user's account.
Click on profile
On the log script line type "logon.bat" without the quotes.

Now everytime this user logs on, the time will be synched to the server.


Real Name No Gimmicks
I would stick with letting the employee go

(except if it's a she with long legs and blond curly hair and blue eyes. In that case I would transfer her desk into my office, and make her wear skirts all the time :) :) :) )

Cheers :)


Thanks Relder

I'll give it a try at the office tomorrow.
I'll post back the results.
I've also been playing with that program ' appstraka'

I'll certainly be able to place this on her computer to monitor her activity. I've tried it out and it seems to work great.

Maybe this is the proff i need to give her the axe as well.

Thanks for you time.


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