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Lock Screen Keyboard Shortcut


I may actually be insane.
I've always wanted to be able to lock my screen via a keyboard shortcut rather than using the Keychain menu-item, and today I came across LockTight:
LockTight 0.1

LockTight is a stripped down version of SleepTight. SleepTight was
written by Alex Harper for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). Most of the
functions provided by SleepTight have become unnecessary for
Panther users, since Apple has built these functions into the
operating system.

One function was not implemented: the hotkey to start the screen
saver! I have stripped down the program and renamed it to LockTight,
simply because it doesn't do anything with 'sleep' anymore.

To install: just dubble-click the preference pane and the OS will
aks you if it should be installed for the user or globally.

For the original program, SleepTight, refer to Alex Harper's site
at http://www.ragingmenace.com/

This program is hosted at http://mac.pieters.cx/

Menno Pieters
I can now lock my screen via Command+F12 (the key combo is fully customisable)

The prefPane is available from: http://mac.pieters.cx/Software/LockTight-0.1.dmg.gz
Cool, just incasse a windows type wants to know how to do that on their PC its winkey + L :)

ANyone want to add the equivalent for linux/bsd/other favourite os ?

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