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A friend has ask me to get a forum going for her, which I did. What I need is a way to test hack/mods before they go live (so I don't break it). What all do I need to run a copy from my PC? (links would be nice and maybe a lil instruction) :s :p



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I have run phpBB forums before, and I know OSNN member Heeter also uses it extensively. Perhaps one of us could help if you run into problems with it :)


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I've been running it for about a month now. BUT since this is the first time I've done actually run a forum, I don't want to modify any files without testing first and ya can't test on a live site :s

I might just take you up on the offer if I fail miserably :( Thanks


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mmm, always backup the DB

actually if you have mysql on your local system as I think xamplite installs then do the backup of the live site and put it on your local system. Then you 1 have a live site backup and 2 can make sure that any changes you make shouldn't break the live site :D


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xamplite looks pretty sweet, I had never heard of it before GM's post.

I don't have a use for it specifically, but still seems really neat. Might help me with something I'm thinking about doing very shortly.


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first you need to download the files for phpBB and put them in the right place for xamplite to be able to serve them.

Next create a user account on your installation of MySQL for the phpBB system. Set the connection details (username, password and database name) in the right phpBB configuration file. (it might have an installer for this in which case run the installer).

Once phpBB is running you need to download a database backup of the live forums and then insert that backup into your MySQL phpBB database. Then you should have a local version of the live forums running on your system.

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