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Local redirects with Apache2 (Win32)

I had once installed Windows 2000 with IIS5. I formatted the lot because it became sluggish, but leaving my inetpub folder alone (which are installed on a secondary partition). I installed Windows XP Pro instead, but installed Apache 2.0 with it. Now I want Apache to redirect to the E:\inetpub\wwwroot folder, instead of the C:\apache2\htdocs folder, when someone types in my IP-address (I am on a local network). I just can't make out what to change in the httpd.conf file, the manual isn't much help either (for me), it's a little bit too difficult where to search.


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In Apache 1 its the "DocumentRoot" line in httpd.conf (line 322 on mine), don't know if its the same for Apache 2
I have f00ked the httpd.conf file up 4 times now, but I still can't get it to work. I looked at the Apache Manual, searched on google, tried everything that is within my power. Help me!

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