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Local Elections


A Proud Australian
Just had local elections here in the Philippines and are said to be quiet ones this year, this from a local newspaper:

AT least 75 people have been killed and 26 injured in election-related violence in the Philippines, the military said Monday as the Southeast Asian nation held polls to choose village and district-level officials.

In the latest incident, gunmen opened fire early Monday on civilians in front of a polling precinct at a village near Tandubas town in the remote southern island of Twai-Tawi, instantly killing three people, a military report said.

In the southern province of South Cotabato, a woman running for the top village post was found beheaded late Sunday.

Also on Sunday, armed men believed to have been hired by a local politician engaged an army patrol in a gunbattle near the town of Maguing in southern Lanao del Sur province, the military said.

Three of the gunmen were killed and several high-powered firearms were confiscated, it said.

The group was believed to have been hired by a local candidate identified only as Malik "to create havoc" and escort his supporters to polling precincts, the military said.

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