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Local Area Connection - Disconnects


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Hi. I just had moved my router and cable modem. My desktop is wired to the router but it disconnects every few seconds and re-connects again. What could be wrong? Ethernet wire mis-wired?
Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

Pics attached. I had even hard-reset the router. :(


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Cable/Wire connection at NIC card at back of computer or at the router. Our computer at work has that problem ever time we move it around to clean or to get behind it. We just wiggle it at the NIC card to regain the connection (yeah, lazy). It's either a bad cable connector or the connection/plug in the NIC card. If you wiggle the cable end at the card see if you regain the connection. Also wiggle the cable end at the router could be a bad connection there. Which would then be the cable. If you have a spare cable give it a go.


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Thanks. I will do that. Right now I am trying to check the connectivity of the wires that I have by using my laptop and connect it directly to my modem. :)

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