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Does anyone know how to load Windows onto an external HD that will perform an install once installed in a machine? Something similar to loading a ghost image onto a drive.

I have a Compaq Presario 800 laptop that I want to install Windows XP on. Just a sort of refresh. But I can't install windows from disc because the bios won't set to boot from a CD/DVD Drive. So I need to load a Windows XP installation or pre-installation onto the drive so when I put it into the laptop it starts to load windows.

Any ideas?
There are some threads herein and links to how to make a USB loadable image of windows. But I assume if you can't boot from CD you can't boot from USB either.

Plan A
Boot from a Windows boot floppy with CD enabled. Insert CD and start windows install. I have not done this myself.

Do you need a link for windows boot floppy download?

Plan B
Make an ISO of the CD and burn it to the HD along with a copy of ISO buster. Boot from floppy and start up ISO Buster to load the CD Image. Have not tried this myself.

Plan C
Do an install of windows on the HD in another machine. Then go into devie manager and delete all the hardware specific devices. Pull the HD and install it in the laptop. You should boot into a bare bones windows install and "find" all your new hardware. This is identical to the process for changing MB's.
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Well, would it be possible to load windows at the blue text screen (pre installation), then the computer would reboot to set up windows in the actual windows installation section where you define your domain, username, passwords, user information. At the point where the computer reboots for the actual windows installation, you just shut down, remove the drive, and put it into the laptop. Do you think that would work?

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