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Hey all,

how come that sometimes when you go to a website, say you have a group of pictures... A forum perhaps, and like all at the same time a lot of the tiny pictures won't load unless you click show picture? Like all for a new topic won't load until you do that... any way to fix that?

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That shouldn't be happening anyway, might be just a browser flaw, you can try and validate the HTML at w3.org , the server might also be case sensitive, check if capital letters in the file name (in the HTML) and on the server match.
if that wont help you can try and "preload" the images , the code is: <body onLoad="MM_preloadImages (image.gif','image2.gif','image3.gif', .... ,image123.gif')"> (you place it in the <Body> tag as you noticed).
hope that helps ;)

P.S. I'm pretty sure this belongs in "coding and design" :huh: , mods are getting lazy again :p


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Actually I think it belongs here guy, hehe, because I'm attributing it with a browser internet problem. It isn't happening on any websites I made, because none of them are up now. But just picture a general forum, you see the threads that are new or have a new reply in them, and then you see the threads that you have already seen before, and aren't updated.

Now you see the little images that signify what status they are in, but alas the images for not updated aren't showing. You right click one of them, click show picture, and then they all load. The question is why aren't they loading the first time around?

Also, it happens sort of in my router configuration, that's HTML based, and sometimes the some of the tiny pictures for the background won't load, but show picture again makes them all appear. They should be showing up the first time around.

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If the red x is your problem try this>
by neo1980
Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and open HOSTS file with notepad and find image.com.com to remove any gamespot problem and MSN for any msn problem and so on, u gotta use the find option.

It was reported back that the person first backed up the file then deleted it with no ill effect & the red x problem was gone.

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