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Live streaming media

Hello all... this might be a bit farfetched for some of u but any reply would be helpful :)

Right.. got a conference going and we need there to be a live feed of it online... on the internet...
The main help will probably be from those ppl who have done this or do these kind of functions... what i basically need to know is what equiptment we will be needing, costs, will there have to be a server running @ the location or will it be possible to do it via a link to a remote specialized server etc.
What software will we be needing...

I haven't got a clue on most of this as i;ve never done/read up on it b4... but will be doing a lot of that in the near future :)

looking forward to the great help (i hope :))

yep i know... went there about 2 mins after posting.... £2000 for Real server... scared me away :D

Then i thought about it a bit and realised my Domain hosts had Real Server... which means i don't need it... i need something to get it to them... but what ?

MdSalih - looking for the KEY :D


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The only relatively cheap way of doing it is via CU-SeeME. You would have to setup a reflector on your server (cant be behind a firewall tho) and the people accessing the reflector would need to have the CU client installed. The reflector software and client software are both free unless you want to buy them from White Pines. However this will only work if you have a fairly limited number of people that need to have access to the reflector and if you dont need close to full motion video and audio.

Probably your best bet would be to contract with a company that could provide exactly what type of service that you need. Putting out anything with full motion video and audio is not going to be cheap and the way technology goes you would probaby be better off leasing a service rather than buying hardware or software.
yeah... CU-seeme is out of the question :( going to have loads of veiwers internation and natinally (held in UK)... my current domain server has Real Server so that could be a good thing... but don't know i need on the client side (as in the form of software) to send to the the server to be hoasted... searched all of the Real website, send them an e-mail - no reply yet, also asked the tech support @ the domain, they say we just install it... we don't really know WTF it is :) (along the lines of :D)

Yeah, we did consider hiring a team of specialist for the job, but the thing we are doing isn't really suitable for them... the price quotes we have atm are massive (£1500+)... we figured doing it for our selves would first cost less, and then at least we would have experience and do it again in the future, if required :)


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