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Live Gatecrasher Stream


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You're the best EP

I need this the last 2 days when I painting my house. At least now I have decent tunes to listen to while at work :D

Electronic Punk

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It was on 11pm - 6am on Galaxy FM, one of my local stations - hence the cheesy adverts.

Picotto and Tiesto played, as well as Paul van Dyk.

15000 people. No punks.
heheh EP wierd u didnt mention this forum for me also.. u know we got the same style.

U better start planning our weekend mate.. one thing is a must tho, GateCrasher on either Friday or Saturday ;)

We will probably arrive on a friday! Any cheap hotels "motels" in ur area? Or are u hosting our visit the weekend? hehe

Ill bring "buy" the liquer´s and the W*** mate. :D

looking @ some flight tickets now ..

Electronic Punk

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whistles woohooo

I'll get the white gloves and setup teh rave cave....

Gatecrasher is on saturday nights - always is, depedning on what week you come over there will be eXiLeration or Better Days (old anthems).

Oh and I have a spare floor.
I don't have a dog in this house so its just covered in empty pizza boxes and beer cans.

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