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little word xp help here guys?

im having problems with microsoft word 2002. when i start up, i get this message:

then no matter what i select, and hit ok, the next dialog box comes up:

it doesnt seem to have any effect on the program, but it is seriously annoying me, i use word alot and everytime i open it, i get this too dialog boxes. any idea what i need to do to get them to go away?

as little sense aty that made, i know that whatever i choose, it still gives the second dialog box. no matter what i select in the first, the second still appears the same.


Do you have Textbridge OCR software installed? Google said TbRun9.dot is part of it. Uninstalling and reinstalling this program may help.
i decided just to wipe the computer, it was getting really messy anyway. having a few problems finding old programs and whatever, but im sure it'll pan out.

thanks anyway.
hmm.. might have been a plan to actually get your email address. post it or mail me with it, and ill send it to you, its not that big i dont think. ill zip it anyway..
it should be with you any second, its like 900k and i couldnt remember where i got it. remember to virus check it if you dont trust me ;)

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