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Little Gamers


I may actually be insane.
You know it deserves it's own thread ;)

If you've never read it before, Little Gamers is a web-comic by Pontus Madsen (and Christian Fundin, but he's not really a part of it any more) mainly about gaming, but it deals with other current issues as well.

If you've never read it before, I'd highly recommend reading from the start, as the early strips are absolutely hilarious and can't be missed out on.

Please be warned though, if you are offended by profanity, you are quite sad, but also you will probably cry if you click this link: http://little-gamers.com/


I may actually be insane.
Corvette said:
Did you know that one time Gonadds used them in his OSNN sig and PseudoKiller used them in his MSFN sig?
Sure did, just shows we're all fans of the comic. I have some of the characters on my web-site to (Used with Pontus' permission ;))

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