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Lithium-based Batteries Concern


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Simple Guidelines
  • Charge the Li-ion often, except before a long storage. Avoid repeated deep discharges.
  • Keep the Li-ion battery cool. Prevent storage in a hot car. Never freeze a battery.
  • If your laptop is capable of running without a battery and fixed power is used most of the time, remove the battery and store it in a cool place.
  • Avoid purchasing spare Li-ion batteries for later use. Observe manufacturing date when purchasing. Do not buy old stock, even if sold at clearance prices.

Sorry i am abit confused, but are they saying that to prolong a battery's life, its better to charge it more often than to wait for it to die and then charge (charge less often), Because i always waited for my battery to run to the last bar then i would charge it (thought battery life was also based on the amount of charges)

I have a V3c Razr phone btw.
lithiumion batteries are destroyed by deep discharges. Normakl batteries are destrroyed by partital discharges :)

Best thing to do is plug the phone in to charge every other day. However if you have deep cycled te battery, it wont last as long and you should get a new one.

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I think the phone automatically turns off before you reach a deep enough discharge on a lithium for damage

lithium is affected by age more then your charge cycle if the device is disgned correctly

this is why a "recalibration" on a laptop will fry a lithium battery, because that is a true deep cycle


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Okey why i ask is because, when i want to trasnfer files to my phone from my comp, the comp always go on charging mode and sometimes my battery is fully charged and then i plug the usb cable. I just want to know if 1) always charging the phone or 2) charging the phone when full, (when i connect usb cable from phone to comp) is a bad thing to do or it doesn't really matter?

If it is, then is there a way to stop the comp from charging my phone everytime it is connected and still be able to have my comp recognize my phone.
Deep discharge kills any modern rechargeable battery. NiMH, NiCd, Lithium Ion, or lead acid.

The only battery that had problems with constantly being recharged were the early NiCd batteries which had a problem with "memory effect". The memory effect limitation on NiCd was overcome quite a while ago but people still think it applies.

Most rechargeables will also be damaged by over charging. However modern chargers are smart enough not to overcharge a battery.

So now there is only one rule to remember:
Do not let the batteries drain deeply.

Well, ok there is a second rule, especially with Lithium Ion:
Never short a battery, they can explode.


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Well, ok there is a second rule, especially with Lithium Ion:
Never short a battery, they can explode.
o.o arf? i dont know what shorting a battery means.

And guys thanks for your respond =D now i know why my last battery died fast.
Shorting a battery means connecting one end to the other with a peice of metal. This can happen with a wrench on your car battery or some genius mistakenly deciding that a peice of aluminum foil across the battery will dishcarge it fast so he can put a whole "fresh" charge on it and get more capacity.

Deep dicharge varies with battery type. It can mean removing anywhere between 25% and 75% of charge. With modern electronics it means don't run them past when the battery charge indicator goes below half way. Never run them down to the dead battery indicator.
One other issue. All commercially available batteries have a self discharge rate. Put them on the shelf and they will go dead all by themsleves. NiCD are especially bad about this (they loose 25% a week), NiMH less so, and Lithium Ion is the best of the consumer electronics batteries.

Don't leave rechargeable battery powered equipment unused for long periods. You need to take them out and recharge them periodically. That old mp3 player or laptop sitting in the closet for 6 months could end up with a battery that won't take charge otherwise.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks guys! Your replies has helped me alot. If i didn't read this somewhere and clarified it with you guys i would still be waiting for cell phone to die before i charge. haha silly me =D

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