Liteon SOHW-812S - Upgrade to 832S Dual Layer

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WARNING: This will void your warranty. Do so at your own risk. If done properly the risk is almost zero.

Owners of the Liteon SOHW-812S can upgrade their single layer burner to a SOHW-832S burner with a firmware upgrade. Only downside is that you will then need Nero 6 to burn dual layer disks.

Saw this on a video but since it was made (a couple of weeks ago) there has already been another firmware upgrade.

1/ Grab OmniPatcher for LiteOn DVD-Writers . As the firmware has already been updated I'm not sure if you will need the new tweak file found at the same page. Won't hurt grabbing that as well. Not sure where it fits in though. [edit]It simply goes into the omnipatcher folder replacing the one that is already there. (It contains a readme file)[/edit]

2/ Grab

3/ Also get dvd info pro if you want to compare the before & after results.

4/ Install dvd info pro now to see the 'before'.

a/ Install & open OmniPatcher. [edit]Put the latest tweaks in the omnipatcher folder[/edit] Load the firmware using the 'Load' button.

b/ Click 'Apply recommended dvd media tweaks'.

c/ Tick 'Fix the "Dead Drive' blink / Enable cross flashing.

d/ Click 'Save As' then name you new firmware update file.

e/ Open the new firmware file, READ the warning.

f/ The target drive is your 812S. Click 'Update' & wait for it to finish.

g/ OK. Now it is time to reboot.

f/ Open dvd info pro & see the 'after' result.

You now have a SOHW-832S dual layer burner.

Happy burning. :)

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
A friend has the 812S. I emailed him & said if he wants to try it let me know & I would explain it to him.

He went straight ahead & just grabbed the firmware file without using omnipatcher. It worked but he missed out on the media updates.

I got the guide off of a magazine CD. I'll see if they have it online. The video is over 20mb & I'm on dialup.

I'll be giving it a go in a couple of weeks or so........that is if the price of the 832S doesn't drop. :D

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Cool I was reading some forums there is a link from the page where you get the omnipatcher, and it looks like works rather well. I will go back today and look around somemore before doing mine.

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After some snooping around I am now the proud father off a SOHW-812S@SOHW-832S and no matter were I look it is the 832S that I have in all tools and in windows itself. I tested the drive and it works fine all I need to do is find a DL media so I can burn a DL but they are not that easy to get.

Other than that I am laughing mine costs approx 79$us and the DL is 169$us

Needless to say I would think that Lite-On should have made the drives physically different and not just that the only difference was in the firmware I feel they are doing something a little shifty when they sell a burner for 2X the price when its really the same as the one they sell for 79$.

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