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Lite-On CDRW drive problem


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I'm having an odd problem with my CDRW drive (Lite-On LTR-40125S). The problem just appeared out of nowhere: when I insert ANY CD (audio, RW, CDR) the following happens.

In My Computer view, the CD drive text changes from "CD-RW Drive" to "CD Drive". Message appears: "Please insert a disk into drive E:." Nothing else happens - the disc isn't recognized. It's probably not a fault in the drive itself, since I downloaded SmartBurn application from Lite-On's homepage and it shows the info for different discs correctly. I'm using Windows XP SP1 with InCD version 3.37.0. If I shut down InCD from Task Manager, it makes no difference.

Could this have something to do with my system uptime, it's been without booting at least 2 weeks? Right now I can't boot because of a file download after a long queue, but after maybe few days I'll boot and report if this fixes the problem.


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So, I booted now. It looked like the drive worked normally, but after burning CDR, the problem occured again. Looks like it's a post-burning problem after all. Has anyone else experienced something similar..?

Edit: Tested again, re-login doesn't help, only restarting computer. I'm wondering if this is a hardware or software problem..

Also, the data I burned is there on the CDR and it works. The only annoyance is that I have to boot after every burn. :p


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Did the problem occur before or after you installed the smartburn software?
It's very unlikely to be the drive itself, but then again nothing it 100% perfect.


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Originally posted by ming
Did the problem occur before or after you installed the smartburn software?
It's very unlikely to be the drive itself, but then again nothing it 100% perfect.
Before. SmartBurn is a small standalone exe-file giving information so I can't see how it could produce the problem. As I said, the drive works well with lower burning speeds. Maybe it has been like that always, but I just now noticed the problem. I've had the drive for a year now and been reluctant using the highest speeds, being afraid of defects that could come to CDRs.


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I haven't seen this problem occuring on my drive... then again, I've never had to burn at full speed coz I only burn a small amount of data each time (upto 150mb).
The drive will only get up to full speed if more than 400mb of data is being burnt (i think).
I can't tell since smartburn controls the write speed from the very start of the process.
I've been using the same drive for almost a year without a single problem. (Well, it hates fuji media, only burns 24x at 16x, but nothing else. Burns 24x Imation at 40x.)

What burning software do you use?
If it's the windows built in I think its based on Roxio which sucks.
If you are using Roxio/Easy CD. It sucks.
Use the Nero that came with the drive.

Did you switch from one burning software to another?
You might have remnants of the original causing a conflict.
Do an uninstall of both and reload the one you intend to use.
That means Nero.

This drive will read/copy anything I've thrown at it. And it usually does it at max speed. Look for a software issue.

PS Did I mention I like Nero as a burning software?


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LOL, never used anything else but Nero. :) Well, I had EasyCD but that was with my 2x speed HP drive a long time ago. For media I've used only TDK and Maxell.


Easy Cd Creator is well known for being affected by Adaptec 4.71 and other similar SCSI drivers.
Drivers for both being produced by divisions of the same company at different times.
Certainly introducing 4.71 drivers after installing ECDC 6 will result in these symptoms of not recognising CDs inserted and marking them as read only, most noticeable in the "Drag to Disc" section of the software, as later Windows XP ASPI drivers may be overwritten .
A reinstall of the ECDC software should resolve this.
I deleted the Aspi folder in C Drive, leaving the system 32 drivers ,and this works.
Maybe there are also other driver issues that create similar problems .

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