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29 Jul 2002
Hey people! I just downloaded red hat for and i was wondering how can i put it on a cd? Is it any different than how i usally put isos on cd?
Nope, same way. An ISO is an ISO. Just use whatever you normally use to burn Windows-based ISOs.
alright thanks! wasnt to sure since its linux and all. This is my first time even doin anything with linux. I hope this is a pretty good os cause that what alot of people have said.
It is as good as you've heard, maybe better. Lots of good tutorials on the web if you get's a bit different to new users who have been Windows users their whole life. At my work we use some different versions of Unix that share many of the same core functions as Linux, so it was only natural for us to start using Linux. We use it as a departmental name server, web server, time sync name it, it does it. But we still use Windows on the desktops! I think I'll be the one to pioneer Linux on my new desktop...if they ever buy one for me, that is. Good luck! :rolleyes:
it nice to see that people are trying linux. red hat is nice, but try SuSe linux
I feel that its much more user friendly and better for the beginner.

yes SuSe is best linux to learn on (how i did :p) then go to redhat for alittle while and jump to freebsd, after you use freebsd you will see how much it rocks. then after a while on that jump to gentoo linux.

also go to any local bookstore and get a learning book and follow you will fly by in no time
Dont jump to Gentoo if you love the FReeBSD ports tree, portage is crap, and contains way to many patches for simple programs (Check out all the patches it gives to qMail)
I use slackware 9.1 - bit different to what i was used to on windows but damn sure more stable :D
Dznuts118 said:
wasnt to sure since its linux and all
a lot of people seem to think its all weird and alien like it came from mars or something
:p :p
Hey ummmm i unno how to install linux!!! How do i get it too boot?? I tried like 3 different ways. Is there a certain way i gotta boot so i can install?
If the ISO's burned correctly, the first cd should be bootable. Just put the cd in and reboot the machine. Is your pc set to boot from the cd first in the bios?
Hmmm. Should boot to the Linux installer if the cd is ok. What prog did you use to burn the ISO's?
Nero should do it. You burned it as an ISO image, right?
Do u mean go to record-burn image and then click the iso i want??
Yep, thats it. It recoreded with no errors, I assume... Does your cd-rom read it after it has been burned from within Windows? You should see some data on it. Also, if you put in a known bootable your Windows cd, does that cd boot?
Well i havent tried that burn image way. But i did extract the iso and then put the files on cd and burn them. that didnt work of course. Umm yea windows does read the cd. and yes the windows cd does boot.
Ok, if the file you downloaded has an ".iso" extension, just do the burn image way. It's the only way it will work. When you say "extract" the iso, you mean you extracted the individual files from the iso file and burned them? If so, dont do that, just select the single iso file and burn it as an image. That's the only way it will work. You may think you're only burning a single file, but an iso image works differently. Nero will "extract" the individual files and place them on the cd correctly.
i did that before but it still didnt work. Will booting up from a cd even work since i have windows xp? I just read i would have to start from scratch. I have two drives so if i set my second drive as master would booting from the cd work if i set it too in the bios?

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