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Linux Today sold out

If you were to navigate to linuxtoday.com, which is a well known linux news site you will see that they have sold a significant portion of the page to Microsoft in an area call the Linux Reference Centre.

Thats fine, but Microsoft only use this space to slam linux! :(



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Grandmaster said:
I think it's...funny :p
It is, although I can certainly see why most Linux users would find it tasteless. But, rest assured, it's a staple of the advertising world. It's quite common for "Company X" to sell its mailing list to its competitors, knowing full well that the vast majority of its customers won't defect. However, "Company X" gets money for selling that list, and the competitor gets the hope that maybe they'll get new customers.

Still, I agree...it's funny. :p


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hehe, when I first saw the topic heading, I was like Linux sold out? Of course people can burn the CDs. :D Oh well, just woke up...

But yeah, Microsoft likes to make certain "advertizing" pitches; since corporates started switching more of their operation to Linux following protest about the newer Liscensing 6.0 terms...

Last was I remember was a "study" they commissioned, which was anything but non-biased and obviously not independent. Despite all of that (assuming for instance that Linux users upgrade their hardware significantly more often then Windows users), they still couldn't put Windows server ahead of Linux on a cost basis for web servers...

Yeah, it's especially funny, because the people such a "study" would be aimed at are the sort of people who would recommend what servers the company invests in, and the corporate IT guys are less likely to be taken in then the average joe sales guy who, well...


The other day I walked into this little place that sells old software, old computers, and some new software. I walked up to a sales clerk and said, "Do you guys carry Linux?" He took one look at me (I am 15 years old) and, not knowing what Linux was, he checked the rack with games. I said, "No, Linux is not a game -- it's an operating system."

He looked confused, then stuttered, "Uhhh...yeah...well check that rack, we've got stuff like Quicken there."

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